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  Midwest Mix                                     


Scientific NameCommon NameType*
Agastache foeniculumLavender HyssopP
Aster novaea-angliaeNew England AsterP
Centaurea cyanus (dwarf)Dwarf CornflowerA
Chrysanthemum maximumShasta DaisyP
Coeropsis lanceolataLance-Leaved CoreopsisP
Coeropsis tinctoraPlains CoreopsisA
Echinacea purpureaPurple ConeflowerP
Gaillardia puchellaAnnual GaillardiaA
Heliopsis helianthoidesOx-Eye SunflowerP
Liatris pycnostachyaThickspike GayfeatherP
Linum grandiflorum rubrumScarlet FlaxA
Machaeranthera tanacetifoliaPrairie AsterB
Oenothera missouriensisDwarf Evening PrimroseP
Papaver rhoeasCorn PoppyA
Petalostemon purpureumPurple Prairie CloverP
RatibIda columniferaPrairie ConeflowerB/P
Ratibid pinnataGrey-Headed ConeflowerP
Rudbeckia amplexicaulisClasping ConeflowerA
Rudbeckia hirtaBlack-Eyed SusanA/B/P

Planting Rate/acre**   5-10 lbs

Planting rate 1/2 acre or less 4 oz./1000 sq. ft.

Seeds/lb.                                593,000

*P = Perennial A = Annual B= Biennial TP= Tender perennial, grown as an annual in colder climates

** This rate is calculated for 60 to 70 seeds per square foot, use a higher rate when soil preparation or weed control are not possible.


Description Price
8 OZ.Add to Cart$20.00
4 OZ.Add to Cart$11.00
2 OZ.Add to Cart$8.00
1-24 lbs.Add to Cart$38.00


Midwest Native Mix :Includes above highlighted species & those listed below

Scientific Name

Common Name


Asclepias tuberosaButterfly MilkweedP
Aster AzureusSky Blue AsterP
Aster ptarmicoidesWhite Upland AsterP
Echinacea pallidaPale Purple ConeflowerP
Eupatorium perfolliatumBonesetP
Eryngium yuccifoliumRattlesnake MasterP
Rudbeckia subtomentosaSweet Black-Eyed SusanP
Vernonia fasciculataPrairie IronweedP

Planting Rate/acre**    8-16 lbs

Planting rate 1/2 acre or less 6 oz./1000 sq. ft.

Seeds/lb.                                334,000


Description Price
8 OZ.Add to Cart$45.00
4 OZ.Add to Cart$23.00
2 OZ.Add to Cart$11.50
1-24 lbs.Add to Cart$86.00

Midwest Value Mix *                                   

Common Name                                        Scientific Name

  Mixture may vary occasionally from the indicated listing, based on availability of individual species.*

Purple Coneflower                                             Echinacea purpurea

Scarlet Flax                                                         Linum grandiflorum rubrum

Annual Candytuft                                                Iberis umbellata

Annual Baby’s Breath                                        Gypsophila elegans

Lance-Leaved Coreopsis                                  Coreopsis lanceolata

Dwarf Cornflower                                                Centaurea cyanus

Annual Gaillardia                                                Gaillardia pulchella

Shasta Daisy                                                       Chrysanthemum maximum

Purple Prairie Clover                                           Petalostemon purpureum

Clasping Coneflower                                           Rudbeckia amplexicaulis

Corn Poppy                                                         Papaver rhoeas

Black-Eyed Susan                                              Rudbeckia hirta

Prairie Coneflower                                              Ratibida columnifera

Plains Coreopsis                                                 Coreopsis tinctoria


Seeds/lb. = 344,970

Planting rate = 7-14 lbs./acre        


Description Price Per Pound
1-24 lbs.Add to Cart$26.00



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