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Northwest Mix

Scientific NameCommon NameType*
Cheiranthus allioniiWallflowerP
Chrysanthemum maximumShasta DaisyP
Clarkia amoenaDwarf GodetiaA
Clarkia unguiculataClarkiaA
Collinsia heterophyllaChinese HousesA
Coreopsis lanceolataLance-Leaved CoreopsisP
Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia PoppyTP
Gilia tricolorBird's EyesA
Gilia capitataGlobe GiliaA
Layia platyglossaTidy TipsA
Linum grandiflorum rubrumScarlet FlaxA
Linanthus grandiflorumMountain PhloxA
Linum perenneBlue FlaxP
Lobularia maritimaSweet AlyssumTP
Lupinus densiflorus aureusYellow LupineA
Lupinus polyphyllusRussell LupineP
Nemophila maculataFive-SpotA
Nemophila menziesiiBaby Blue-EyesA
Papaver rhoeasCorn PoppyA
Rudbeckia hirtaBlack-Eyed SusanA/B/P

Planting Rate/acre**    8-16 lbs

Planting rate 1/2 acre or less 6 oz./1000 sq. ft.

Seeds/lb.                                320,000

*P = Perennial A = Annual B= Biennial TP= Tender perennial, grown as an annual in colder climates

** This rate is calculated for 60 to 70 seeds per square foot, use a higher rate when soil preparation or weed control are not possible.


Description Price
8 OZ.Add to Cart$20.00
4 OZ.Add to Cart$11.00
2 OZ.Add to Cart$8.00
1-24 lbs.Add to Cart$38.00

Northwest Native Mix includes all highlighted species above + the following species

Scientific NameCommon NameType*
Aquilegia caeruleaGiant ColumbineP
Sisyrinchium bellumBlue-Eyed GrassP

Planting Rate/acre**    9-18lbs

Planting rate 1/2 acre or less 6 oz./1000 sq. ft.

Seeds/lb.                               279,000


Description Price
8 OZ.Add to Cart$30.00
4 OZ.Add to Cart$16.00
2 OZ.Add to Cart$9.00
1- 24 lbs.Add to Cart$54.00


   Northwest Value Mix*

Common Name                                        Scientific Name

  * Mixture may vary occasionally from the indicated listing, based on availability of individual species.

Siberian Wallflower                                             Cheiranthus allionii

Five-Spot                                                            Nemophila maculata

Lance-Leaved Coreopsis                                  Coreopsis lanceolata

California Poppy                                                 Eschscholzia californica

Scarlet Flax                                                         Linum grandiflorum rubrum

Blue Flax                                                             Linum perenne lewisii

Russell Lupine                                                     Lupinus polyphyllus

Dwarf Cornflower                                                Centaurea cyanus

Annual Baby’s Breath                                         Gypsophila elegans

Baby Blue-Eyes                                                  Nemophila menziesii

Shasta Daisy                                                       Chrysanthemum maximum

Chinese Houses                                                  Collinsia heterophylla

Clarkia                                                                Clarkia unguiculata

Globe Gilia                                                          Gilia capitata

Sweet Alyssum                                                   Lobularia maritima

Black-Eyed Susan                                              Rudbeckia hirta

 Seeds/lb. = 266,496

Planting rate = 9-18 lbs./acre


Description Price Per Pound
1- 24 lbsAdd to Cart$26.00



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