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Intermountain Native Mix


Scientific NameCommon NameType*
Aster laevisSmooth AsterP
Balsamorhiza sagittataArrowleaf BalsamrootP
Carmassia quamashCamasP
Clarkia pulchellaDeerhorn ClarkiaA
Cleome serrulataRocky Mountain BeeplantA
Eriogomnum umbellatumSulphur FlowerP
Erysimum capitatumWestern WallflowerB/P
Gaillardia aristataPerennial GaillardiaP
Gilia capitataGlobe GiliaA
Helianthus unifloraLittle SunflowerP
Lupinus alpestrisMountain LupineP
Oenothera pallidaPale Evening PrimroseP
Penstomen palmeriPalmer PenstemonP
Penstomen strictusRocky Mountain PenstemonP
Sphaeralcea grossularifoliaGooseberry Globemallow


Planting Rate/acre**   7-14 lbs

Planting rate 1/2 acre or less 5 oz./1000 sq. ft.

Seeds/lb.                          359,000 

  *P = Perennial A = Annual B= Biennial TP= Tender perennial, grown as an annual in colder climates

** This rate is calculated for 60 to 70 seeds per square foot, use a higher rate when soil preparation or weed control are not possible.


Description Price
8 OZ.Add to Cart$54.00
4 OZ.Add to Cart$28.00
2 OZ.Add to Cart$15.00
1-24 lbs.Add to Cart$106.00


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