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Herbs on Sale  3-5 grams each package   

                        Sweet Basil                      Catnip                         Marjoram


                              Chives               Lemon Basil

 Hundreds of seeds in each.    Grow them indoors or out, enjoy fresh herbs year round!


Description Price
Sweet BasilAdd to Cart3.00
Lemon BasilAdd to Cart3.00
CatnipAdd to Cart3.00
ThymeAdd to Cart3.00
ChivesAdd to Cart3.00
MarjoramAdd to Cart3.00
OreganoAdd to Cart3.00


Across the Cosmos Beautiful annuals that reseed readily.  Grows from 36-72" 1

1 oz covers 250 sq. ft.

   Red/White/Pink = Cosmos RWP             

  Yellow/Orange/Red = Cosmos YOR

CosmosRWPAdd to Cart8.00
CosmosYORAdd to Cart8.00




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