Bird Lover’s Seed Mix

This flower mixture contains annuals and perennials that provide a bounty of food for seed-loving birds.  Enjoy the beauty of these flowers in your garden, and then enjoy the beauty of the birds who come to feast.  Seeds will attract songbirds such as Cardinals, Goldfinches, and Buntings.

Scientific Name Common Name Type
Chamaecrista fasciculata Partridge Pea a
Eschschoizia californica, Orange California Poppy Orange p
Cosmos sulphureus Sulphur Cosmos a
Linum perenne Blue Flax p
Coereopsis lancelolaata Lance Leaved Coreopsis a
Calendula officinalis Pacific Beauty Calendula a
Echinacea purperea Purple Coneflower p
Liatris spicata Gayfeather p
Phlox drummondii Annual Phlox Mixed a
Chrysanthemum maximum Alaska Shasta Daisy p
Dianthus barbatus Sweet William Pinks a
Dalea purpurea Purple Prairie Clover a
Zinnia elegans Pumila Zinnia Cut and Come Again a
Ratibida columnifera Prairie Coneflower a
Coreopsis tintoria Plains Coreopsis a
Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed Susan p
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae New England Aster a



  • 16 oz.
  • 8 oz.
  • 4 oz.


  • 9 oz. covers 1000 sq. ft.
  • 11-12 lb per acre

Key Benefits

*P = Perennial A = Annual B= Biennial TP= Tender perennial, grown as an annual in colder climates
** These rates are calculated for 120 seeds per square foot, and soil preparation and weed control are possible.

(A) annuals, bloom the first year, and reproduce by seed, individual plants die each year.
(P) perennials bloom the second year, individual plants live for years, and reproduce by seeds.