Mammoth Sunflower

This giant sunflower can grow up to 8 feet tall, with a head up to 10 inches wide.  The seeds produced by this sunflower are edible for humans as well as animals!!  Honey bees and other wild bees love this pollinator species!

Full sun with moderate water.  Plant after last frost!

Helianthus annuusMammoth Sunflower



  • 50 seeds

*P = Perennial A = Annual B= Biennial TP= Tender perennial, grown as an annual in colder climates
** These rates are calculated for 120 seeds per square foot, and soil preparation and weed control are possible.

(A) annuals, bloom the first year, and reproduce by seed, individual plants die each year.
(P) perennials bloom the second year, individual plants live for years, and reproduce by seeds.