Tall Prairie Flower + Grass Mix

A mix of flowers and grasses from the Tallgrass Prairie region. Best for moderate to moister sites. Height 24-96 inches. Flower and grass seeds are bagged separately and can also be purchased separately.

Scientific Name Common Name Type
Aster laevis Smooth Aster P
Aster novaea-angliae New England Aster P
Coreopsis lanceolata Lance-Leaved Coreopsis P
Desmanthus illinoiensis Illinois Bundleflower P
Echinacea pallida Pale Purple Coneflower P
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower P
Eryngium yuccifolium Rattlesnake Master P
Eupatorium maculatum Joe Pyeweed P
Heliopsis helianthoides Ox-Eye Sunflower P
Liatris pycnostachya Thickspike Gayfeather P
Lupinus perennis Perennial Lupine P
Monarda fistulosa Bergamont P
Penstemon digitalis Smooth Penstemon P
Ratibida pinnata Grey-Headed Coneflower P
Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed Susan A/B/P
Silphium perfolium Cup Plant P
Solidago rigida Rigid Goldenrod P
Vernonia fasciculata Prairie Ironweed P
Andropogon gerardii Big Bluestem P
Panicum virgatum Switchgrass P
Schizachyrium scoparium Little Bluestem P
Sorghastrum nutans Indiangrass P



  • 2 oz covers 400 sq-ft.
  • 4 oz covers 800 sq-ft.
  • 8 oz covers 1600 sq-ft.
  • 16 oz covers 3200 sq-ft.


  • Planting Rate/acre** 14 lbs
  • Planting rate 1/2 acre or less 5 oz./1000 sq. ft.
  • Seeds/lb. 255,000

*P = Perennial A = Annual B= Biennial TP= Tender perennial, grown as an annual in colder climates
** These rates are calculated for 120 seeds per square foot, and soil preparation and weed control are possible.

(A) annuals, bloom the first year, and reproduce by seed, individual plants die each year.
(P) perennials bloom the second year, individual plants live for years, and reproduce by seeds.